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SUBE: Women Owned Sustainable Rideshare Fleets 


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are planning to help improve women's earnings from rideshare,
increase safe rideshare options for all genders,
and reduce pollution in global cities.   

SUBE (sue-bay) means "go up" or "get onboard" in Spanish.

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What problems does SUBE help solve?


  • Women in Mexico suffer from a gender wage gap; they need more opportunities for leveraged income.

  • Few women benefit from the rideshare revolution in Mexico. In 2019, only 4% of Uber drivers were women. Women fleet owners are even rarer.

  • EV and hybrid vehicle costs are barriers to entry for women interested in running fleets in emerging markets.

  • Women/trans/non-binary in CDMX do not feel safe on public transport

  • Women/trans/non-binary people do not feel safe as rideshare drivers, either independently or working for fleets owned by men and dominated by male drivers.

  • Sharp increases in fuel prices are passed on to fleet drivers, who already struggle to make ends meet in the fleet model. 

  • Driver exploitation: The independent contractor driver model is at odds with Mexico’s communal/familial work culture. Many fleet owners exploit drivers with high car rental fees, long hours, and other abuses.


  • Demand for rideshare services is surging, which means thousands more gas-burning cars on the road in CDMX and other global cities.

  • CDMX's sustainability goals to reduce pollution and traffic are at odds with fleet's expansion using conventional vehicles.

SUBE Benefits

  • Investors: Low risk 

    • SUBE leverages rideshare’s proven business model and platforms, giving impact investors a low-risk way to invest in a business that aligns with strong business trends and creates an impact ripple effect. For more information about our funding model, please contact us via the CONTACT US button at the top of the page. 

  • Empowering women through fleet ownership

    • Build capacity to create and run their own SUBE fleets.

    • Increase the number of women/trans/non-binary drivers on rideshare platforms.

    • Platform scaling will allow for negotiating purchase discounts, systemizing operations, and decreasing costs for all.

  • Fairer / Safer Labor

    • Curb exploitation of fleet drivers, improve experience and income for drivers of all genders.

    • Rideshare platforms wants more women drivers. Women drivers are more comfortable working for women-led fleets. 

    • Increase safe ride options for women/trans/non-binary clients.

  • CDMX Sustainability

    • Hasten the rideshare transition from conventional cars to hybrid and EVs.
    • Decrease CO2 emissions from conventional cars on rideshare platforms.
    • Studies prove that when women increase their income, they spend more on their families and communities, relative to men. 


Kala Philo, Founder

Kala is a technology marketing content strategist, a writer and impact entrepreneur. She seeks to increase women's participation in lucrative tech business models. 

Kala is a long time advocate of female entrepreneurship and sustainability. She has led and worked on social impact projects in Austin, TX and Northern California. 

She speaks Spanish and has permanent residency status in Mexico. Living in CDMX was a lifelong dream for her, and now as a Mexico City resident, she sees SUBE as a way to give back to this incredible city and the strong women who live here.

Co-Founder, Mexico

We are seeking a co-founder for SUBE, Mexico. Please contact Kala for more information. 


We are very lucky to have an incredible group of professionals generously donating their time to help us chart SUBE's path. 

Carmen Alicia Acevedo
Rideshare Moto Driver, former Labor Attorney (Venezuela)

Formerly a Venezuelan labor attorney, Carmen was forced to flee her home country due to political unrest. She moved to Mexico and currently works as an UBER moto driver. Carmen is a now a Mexican citizen, a gifted connector who brings her own unique perspective to our work. She is one of SUBE’s resources for tapping into an existing network of women drivers.

Claudia Fierro
Labor and Blockchain Attorney

A Mexican attorney with 30 years of experience in labor law, Claudia is also Chief Legal Officer, Governance Specialist, and Compliance Counsel at the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Chapter México.

Sofia Gamboa de la Parra
International Finance Expert, Entrepreneur

Sofia is a financial expert in traditional finance and DeFi, Co-Founder of Puente Negocios China-Mexico consulting services, Mexico Partner, Fintech Connector Community, and Head of Partnerships for Women in Sustainable Innovation.

Alissa Orlando

A former UBER executive for UBER’s East Africa launch, Alissa later co-founded The Drivers Cooperative, a worker-owned ride-share platform in NYC. Alissa is also the Founder of Camillus Partners, a fund investing in human-centered care businesses.

Andrea Galliano Sparks 
Director of Governmental Relations, Buckner International

Andrea collaboratively develops and implements government and public relations strategies for Buckner International, a global social impact non-profit deploying over USD $74 M. Buckner has operated in Mexico for over 15 years. Andrea’s previous experience was as the first Director of Texas’ Child Sex Trafficking Team in the Governor’s Office.

Impact and Data Consultants

SUBE's long term goal encompasses international impact, with chapters in all of LATAM's major ride share cities. To set the foundation for our data strategy, we will work with Archer Impact as SUBE’s impact reporting partner. Led by Alison Maciejewski Cortez and Stacy Williams, MPP, Archer Impact is a bilingual SEO content and impact reporting consultancy for NGOs and SEs. Based in CDMX, Archer provides remote project management in USA, Thailand, China, Argentina, Germany, Czech Republic, and Mexico.