So, you're done with diets.

Now what?

Revitalize your relationship with food and learn to consistently nourish your body without second-guessing yourself.

Active Appetite group coaching is designed to meet you where you are: in the messy middle of trying to find balance with nutrition without slipping back into unsustainable diet behaviors. How good could it feel to have full confidence in your informed nutrition education, trust in your food choices, and compassion for your body?

Over the course of this 8-week virtual coaching program, you’ll gain the knowledge and strategies needed to think less about food and show up energetically in your life.

The best part? We get to do it together with like-minded folks who say, “wait, so I’m not the only one who feels that way?”

Our next round of Active Appetite will run in Fall 2024. Submit your application to be invited to register when the next round opens!

In Active Appetite, you'll learn to...

  • Foster a positive, lighthearted relationship with food

  • Fuel your movement with thoughtful, stress-free strategies

  • Find intentionality with food choices that embrace your preferences and ditch restriction

  • Build reliable meal patterns and eating habits to keep you nourished

  • Cultivate sturdy grounding and compassionate self-talk around food, movement, and your body

  • Confidently break up with restrictive diet habits with a new, informed knowledge of metabolism and nutrition

  • Turn the volume down on your diet brain and find comfort in trusting yourself

The Active Appetite Curriculum

Curious about what you’ll discover in Active Appetite? Check out the program curriculum below!

How group coaching works

  • Participate in one of the weekly live sessions with your Active Appetite cohort

  • Stay connected on our community network to receive support, to ask questions, and to share your experiences

  • Review recordings from all live sessions in case you want a replay or miss a session

  • Practice food planning and prepping with our convenient meal inspiration app

  • Enhance your learning through bonus self-guided modules and downloadable nutrition education resources

Our next group will begin in Fall 2024 and run for 8 consecutive weeks. Submit your application today so we can confirm you’re a strong fit for the program and invite you to register when we get closer to our start date! 

The cost of this program is $399. If you register right away when registration opens closer to our start date, you can temporarily access our 3-payment plan option of $133/month with no additional interest or fees. After 3-payment access closes, pay-in-full and 2-payment plan options will be available.

Do you have questions? Complete the form below to connect with Ri and the team at Maria Terry Nutrition + Wellness.