Group Nutrition Programs

A dietitian AND a community that get it? 

You get the best of both worlds.

Looking find nutrition guidance AND feel the support of likeminded folks? Consider a group nutrition program with Maria!

Offered quarterly throughout the year, group coaching focuses on:

  • Unpacking and challenging your diet brain
  • Practicing nutrition habits that support your health + metabolism
  • Creating a values-aligned routine
  • Fostering positive body image

Group enrolment is capped in order for participants to receive complete care and guidance from Maria. 

You’ll be a great fit for group coaching if…

  • You like to learn in a group setting
  • You feel comforted and inspired by others on a similar journey
  • You love to share your thoughts, feedback, and stories
  • You are looking for folks that “get it” when it comes to unlearning diet culture, dealing with rough body image days, and trying to find structure without restriction 
  • You are excited to have a dietitian who supports you and a community of new friends

New group sessions begin every 2 months. You can learn more about Maria's three group options by clicking the icons below!

Think that 1:1 nutrition counselling might be more your speed? Check out our 3-Month Signature Program!