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Too many people experience trauma nowadays. That's why I created a free guide to help you on your way to healing because everyone deserves the chance to heal.

'7 Keys to Self-Healing' is A Trauma Survivor's Guide where I share my knowledge and experience along with what I have learnt through discussions with healthcare professionals. It is a guide that empowers and encourages you to take your next step towards healing. It underlines the importance of healing and the fact that we don’t need to be alone on our healing journey. I believe that, whether you are in therapy or not, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to help you on your healing journey.

Explore the seven keys of healing; the keys to your healing. You are worth it, you deserve it, and with this guide, you can do it!

  • Learn about trauma and healing
  • Understand and acknowledge your trauma
  • Explore how trauma causes problems in your life
  • Gently address your trauma
  • Discover the power of self-healing
  • Help yourself heal from trauma and move forwards
  • Recover a sense of self
  • Reclaim control and your power

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    You can also download the Journaling Tips & Prompts as the prompts have been carefully crafted to coincide with the seven tools in this guide. These will aid your healing and growth by not only helping you to start journaling but also keeping you going when you get stuck.

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    What others are saying

    As a counselor, I was looking forward to reading this resource for people to heal from trauma. I wasn't disappointed. This guide is great for those who want to heal from the trauma they've experienced.

    Becca J Yager, MA, LMFT

    This guide and advice that Katy created taught me so much, and really helped me to align myself with my own healing.

    Leigh Hurst

    7 Keys to Self-Healing is a must-have tool for trauma survivors in their self-healing journey....Katy's first-hand knowledge of trauma and motivating communication style will leave the reader feeling seen and understood.

    Nicole Williams

    I wish I’d had this guide when I was plunged into the world of trauma healing following a head-on car accident.

    Karen Sargent

    This is a great place to start your healing journey! Super informative and helpful.

    Nicole Dake

    This was a wonderfully written guide. I learned quite a lot from this and will apply it to my own healing journey.

    Ashley Johnson

    This is very well done!! As a trauma survivor, I found it very helpful!

    Ritta Vander Meulen

    Thank you, Katy, for taking the time to create this much-needed guide. It is well-written and genuine.

    Jannette Fuller