Fuel your strength, embrace your body, get sturdy.

Cultivate a nutrition mindset and habits built on flexibility, confidence, and self-trust. 

No more second-guessing your food and movement decisions!

Sturdy Girl Summer group coaching was created for the gals and pals who continually find themselves at a crossroads: how do I pursue nutrition in a way that serves my fitness and performance… without feeling like I’m back on the diet hamster wheel? 

Supporting your strength is one of the most compassionate, thoughtful offerings to your present and future self. We get stronger and go further with food, which can feel scary if you’re accustomed to dieting and using the scale as your primary measure of success.

The reality is this: we are often taught how to eat to stay small. It’s okay if you don’t know how to eat for strength, performance, and overall longevity, and also… it’s exciting to finally learn how to nourish your body with confidence.

Sturdy Girl Summer is here to answer big, life-shifting questions, like...

  • How do you eat to cultivate your strength and to promote recovery?
  • How can you pursue a thoughtful nutrition and movement routine without the toxic diet and fitness culture?
  • What foods and supplements are actually helpful on your Sturdy Girl Journey, and which ones are a wellness trap?

Sturdy Girl Summer transforms your understanding of nutrition by teaching you both the nutrition information and the tools you need to bring them into your life. Each and every week, you get to practice, experiment, and play with nutrition in a way that feels fun!

And, for the first time EVER, Sturdy Girl Summer provides 8 weeks of customizable strength training [for at-home and in the gym] from Mark Breedon that you can implement alongside your Sturdy Girl nutrition work!

Together with like-minded folks, you will practice key strategies and develop habits will have you feeling strong, sturdy, and energized, in and out of your workouts. You’ll also have access to bonus modules on topics like supplementation, strength training, recovery practices, and more.

You will leave every session with clear, tangible action steps that feel exciting. And honestly, like a huge relief. Breathe easy, Sturdy Girl; it’s time we stopped second-guessing ourselves and started trusting the next step on our Sturdy Journey. 

Our next round begins the week of July 8, 2024 with sessions offered on Mondays at 6pm CT and Wednesdays at 12pm CT.

In Sturdy Girl Summer, you’ll learn to:

  • Cultivate sturdy grounding and compassionate self-talk around food, movement, and your body

  • Build meals and snacks that provide enough protein and carbs, without second-guessing your preferences or decisions

  • Create space for your changing hormones and learn how to thoughtfully fuel and move to support your menstrual cycle and aging

  • Fuel and hydrate before, during, and after workouts with ease and excitement

  • Navigate your challenging body image days in a way that feels kind and not punishing

  • Break up with the fear, anxiety, and all-or-nothing thinking so you can start working toward consistent habits

  • Stick to a strength training program that is designed to build your strength!

What group coaching grads are saying about Sturdy Girl Summer

The Sturdy Girl Summer Curriculum:

Curious about what you’ll discover in Sturdy Girl Summer? Check out the program curriculum below:

How group coaching works:

  • Participate in one of the weekly live sessions with your Sturdy Girl Summer cohort

  • Stay connected on our community network to receive support, to ask questions, and to share your experiences

  • Review recordings from all live sessions in case you want a replay or miss a session

  • Practice food planning and prepping with our convenient meal inspiration app

  • Apply the nutrition strategies you learn to your own strength program [we provide you with an 8-week at-home and gym program and access to Coach Mark Breedon!]

  • Enhance your learning through bonus self-guided modules and downloadable nutrition education resources

 Register for Sturdy Girl Summer!

Our next group begins the week of July 8 and runs for 8 consecutive weeks. Submit your application today so we can confirm you’re a strong fit for the program! You will receive an email confirmation that your application is accepted.

The cost of this program is $419. If you register by Sunday, June 23, you can access our 3-payment plan option of $140/month with no additional interest or fees. After June 23, 2-payment plan and pay-in-full options are available.

Do you have questions? Complete the form below to connect with Ri and the team at Maria Terry Nutrition + Wellness.

Meet Your Dietitian

Maria Sylvester Terry, MS, RDN [@vitamin_ri] is a former teacher turned registered dietitian who works to ensure you feel confident and empowered when it comes to nutrition – yes, even amidst all the diet culture nonsense and the barrage of “eat less/move more” messaging. Ri believes you deserve to feel nourished and sturdy in the body you’re in today.

Inside Out with Ri feels like the health class you wished you had in high school with the friends from summer camp you can’t imagine leaving when it’s over. Ri combines her teaching skills, nutrition expertise, and nuanced counseling to deliver a program that inspires your nutrition habits well beyond the 8-week experience. There is no shortage of laughs, pep talks, and encouragement.

She is located in New Orleans, LA and works both in-person and virtually with active folks who want to find structure with nutrition without restriction.