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Leveraging Testimonials to Supercharge Your Health and Wellness Marketing

Everything you need to know about gathering, formatting, and using testimonials in your marketing to boost sales on autopilot.

In this free, 30-minute training you'll discover...

  • What makes a good testimonials (and common mistakes to avoid)
  • How to ask for testimonials without bothering people
  • Testimonial ethics and special considerations
  • How to select and format testimonials for conversions
  • Where to place different testimonials for maximum impact

Hey, Krista Frahm here 👋🏼

I write sales pages and emails for innovative and health and wellness professionals to increase you income and impact

Working as a clinical occupational therapist for a decade has given me a deep understanding of your client's frustrations and desires. (I also know the cracks in the system and why your business is so needed!) 

In short: I connect people who are frustrated about their quality of life to your offers. Then I help these people see the opportunity and invest in themselves. 

A important part of connecting with ideal clients is helping them understand that your offer works for people just like them... which is exactly what testimonials do.

Testimonials are a powerful sales tool, let's put them to work in your business.

If you're a health and wellness business owner, clinician, or course creator then this testimonials training is for you. ⬆️

✍️ But... if you're a copywriter or service provider, then you'll want to snag THIS VERSION instead. I made it specifically with you in mind.