Free Video Training for Copywriters: 

Leveraging Testimonials to Supercharge Your  Marketing

Everything you need to know about gathering, formatting, and using testimonials in your marketing to boost sales on autopilot.

(If you're a health and wellness biz owner, check out THIS TRAINING instead.)

In this 30-minute training for copywriters, you'll discover...

  • What makes a good testimonials (and common mistakes to avoid)
  • How to ask for testimonials without "bothering people"
  • Testimonial ethics and special considerations
  • How to select and format testimonials for conversions
  • Where to place different testimonials for maximum impact

Hey, Krista Frahm here 👋🏼

I write direct response copy like sales pages and emails for innovative health and wellness professionals.

I also provide copy coaching for clinician course creators, funnel audits, and strategy. Copywriting has been a wonderful journey, and I'm happy to support you on yours as well. 

As a copywriter in the health and wellness arena, my goal is to increase my clients' income and the impact they have in the world

I've also worked as a clinical occupational therapist for a decade. It gave me a deep understanding of client's frustrations and desires. (I also know the cracks in the healthcare system and why these health and wellness businesses are so needed!) 

In short: I connect people who are frustrated about their quality of life to your offers. Then I help these people see the opportunity and invest in themselves. 

A important part of connecting with ideal clients is helping them understand that your offer works for people just like them... which is exactly what testimonials do.

Testimonials are a powerful sales tool, let's put them to work in your business.

If you're a copywriter, then this testimonials training is for you. ⬆️

✍️ But... if you're a health and wellness business owner or clinician, then you'll want to snag THIS VERSION instead. I made it specifically with you in mind. (Click here to gain access.)