Force protection

As a member of the Force Protection, you are responsible for the safety and protection of the airfield, all aircraft and facilities. You will patrol and train for a possible attack. 


As an aircraft technician, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing parts of the aircraft fuselage, engine, weapons or electronics. You will work with highly-technological systems and follow the plane wherever it goes to perform unexpected maintenance.

Air Traffic Controller

As an air traffic controller, you are responsible for guiding the aircraft on the ground and through the air safely. This happens from the Air Control Tower at the airport, and from the Radar Centre for all the flying in-between airports.


As an aeroplane or helicopter pilot, you provide combat support to ground troops, protect the airspace and/or transport troops and cargo. You can also embark on a navy frigate or perform rescue missions above the Sea. Recently, the option to fly an unmanned aircraft has been added to the list as well. 


As a meteorologist, you study the atmosphere. You predict the weather and study the causes of certain weather conditions. Your weather forecasts are crucial because no pilot boards a plane or helicopter without a full weather report.

Mission support

Mission support is a broad term for all jobs related to supporting the pilot before, during and after its mission. 

The Air Intel will brief the pilot and works daily with classified information. The Mission Planner will program the entire flight with all requirements. The Air Ops will arrange all other practicalities and the scheduling. The Imagery Analyst will analyse the images & video's taken during the flight and make reports that can help future missions.

Air Defence Controller

As an Air Defence Controller, you are responsible for the protection of our airspace and will guide pilots towards possible threats from the air. 

Fire fighter

As an aerodrome firefighter, you are responsible for rescuing and fighting aircraft fires on aerodromes and neighbouring zones as defined by the regulations in force.


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